GPI Terms and Conditions

****This Program is developed with Independent  GRAND PREMIER Instructors.  In order to best support the studios and ballet schools  across the country, we feel it is critical to provide environment for training that is not affiliated with any one Ballet Academy or Studio and is exclusive to all dancers.

Our program provides a safe environement for studio owners and Ballet Schools to have their dancers participate and train without fear or concerns of being recruited to another program. 

Our participants are from over 150+ Studios and Ballet Schools.

ALL of our participants studios/programs can be assured that not only their dancers, but all dancers will be treated, trained, and coached without any bias.

Payment/Refund Policy

All Grand Premier Invitational Program payments are non-refundable due to limited space, resource scheduling and facility rental commitments.

Class schedules and/or Master Teachers, Choreographer and Teachers are subject to change due to demands and resource availability. 

Most programs have limited spots available and are on a first come first served basis.

All tuition is due in full before dancers/artists can participate in our programs. 

All payments for program Tuition, Registration, Privates and Choreography are final and non-refundable. 

Payments cannot be credited towards any other programs or future programs unless approved.

On a case by case basis, injuries with approved doctors notes will be reviewed for reimbursement or tuition advancement consideration for the following year's tuition.

Registrations received after maximum registered participant levels are achieved, may be declined for acceptance. Any registrations declined for acceptance due to capacity limitations will receive a full refund. 

In the event a program is rescheduled and or cancelled, The Grand Premier Invitational is not responsible for any incurred expenses for travel including air fare, hotel, accommodations, and other miscellaneous expenses.

*Schedules, Choreographers and Grand Premier Master Instructors are subject to change due to availabilty and or conflicting engagements.

Liability Release

All Parents (or dancers, if not a minor) must sign before attending the Grand Premier Invitational.

Photo/Media Release

By Attending Grand Premier Invitational programs, the parent of the dancer or the legal age dancer agrees that the GPI may use my/my child’s name, likeness, video or photo in marketing, promotional and advertising pieces; to include (but not limited to) The Grand Premier Invitational, printed collateral, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.



The GPI Ambassadors receive scholarships, special rates, and retail/vendor discounts by being a social media influencer and marketing our programs.  The ambassador program requires the registered dancer to posting dance or promotional images on Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets, announcing their Ambassador Status and encouraging others to join them in attending the event.

Registered Ambassadors Receive:

1.       A specified Scholarship $ amount off tuition at registration by utilizing scholarship discount codes provided (*Must be used prior to paying and checking out)

*Registered Ambassadors Qualify for Additional Benefits: (Subject to location rules or space limitations)

1.       Discount on Parents Observation Band

2.       Special Retail Vendor Discounts

3.       Photography Discount Packages

4.       Available Sponsor/Vendor Gift Bags or GPI T-Shirt

5.       Scheduling Priority for Choreography and Private coaching

*Ambassador qualification for additional benefits is contingent upon completion of the Ambassador Agreement and availability of promotional items, teachers/choreographers/photographer time slots, and or vendor product supplies.

Ambassador Agreement:

By selecting and paying the ambassador rate, parents of minors and or attendees of legal age are agreeing to receive a minimum $50 or greater GPI Ambassador Scholarship in return for becoming a social media influencer for the GPI by:

·       Including "GPI 2019 Ambassador” on their Instagram Social media profile

·       Posting positive photos, videos, and comments encouraging friends/other dancers to join you

·       Tagging the “@grandpremierinvitational” on Instagram with each posted photo, video, and comments should tag the “@grandpremierinvitational” on your Instagram posts through until the conclusion of the event

·       Using hashtags: #GPI #GrandPremierInivitational #GPISI #GPISummerIntensive

·       The GPI will share selected posts, reposts, and or images from your instagram, stories, or DM's