FULL and Partial Scholarship


The Grand Premier Invitational Scholarship Program is offered to all dancers who have a passion to work hard in pursuit of their dreams.  We believe every student deserves an opportunity to attend our program and are fully aware that not every student has the financial means or support to participate in exclusive programs that offer training and provide the direction needed to improve their success with achieving their goals. 

The Grand Premier Invitational recognizes hard work and supports full and partial scholarships to eligible applicants and offers an equity influencer program to provide additonal assistance with Tutition and Accommodation costs for all programs.



Scholarships are based on a combined evaluation of the program's projected success, participation levels, and the following Submission Requirements:

  1. Send an email to the grandpremiergpi@gmail.com
    1. Subject:  Scholarship Request
  2. 2019 GPI Class/Program that the dancer is able to attend (7 Day Exclusive, 7 Day Classic, 5 Day Pass, or Weekend Warrior)
  3. Include the Name and email addresses for the Parent and student - email address if applicable
  4. Provide Name of the Dancer, Gender, Current Studio, Years Ballet, Years Pointe, Age of Dancer, Aspiration/Goal of Student Dancer and Dancers Social Medial Instagram Handle
  5. Provide a link to or include a video on youtube or social media of a solo, performance,  1-3 minute clip of ballet barre and center demonstrating technique and skills
  6. Provide a personal statement from the parent or dancer why the scholarship is needed and what it will do for them to Include:
    1. What will they learn from attending?
    2. What will they contribute to others?
    3. What will they contribute to the program?
  7. Ensuring the sincerity of the request for scholarship each request for scholarship must be accompanied by paying a $35 non-refundable deposit to be applied to your registration and tuition costs.  Select Class Scholarship Audition from our on line registration system at www.grandpremierinvitational.com
  8. Scholarship Recipients are required to support our program by agreeing to complete the requirments of the GPI Ambassador Agreement at www.grandpremierinvitational.com 

Due Dates and Prioritization:  Submit asap to ensure consideration.  

  1. GPI Exclusive Scholarship Requests by date and time received
  2. 7 Day 35 Hour Program Scholarship Requests by date and time received
  3. 5 Day Pass Scholarship Requests by date and time received
  4. Weekend Warrior Scholarship Requests by date and time received


* Scholarship requests will be processed as soon as possible.  Please allow for 10 days processing time prior to following up.