The Grand Premier Invitational and Dance Artist Collaborative is proud to announce our partnership with The Grand Prix Intensive LLC.

Our Partnership ensures a NON-BIASED  inclusive and diverse program can be provided to dancers and artists without concern for BIAS’ related to any one Ballet Academy, School, Studio or Company.   Our program is developed to support Ballet Academy/School programs and Dance Studios without any intention for the promotion and recruitment of dancers from or to any one Ballet Academy, School, Studio or Company.

THE BEST Ballet, Contemporary, Dance Genre, technique and Dance Arts Collaborative supporting Ballet Academy and School Programs, Dancers, and Dance Studios in a non-biased and professional manner.

The Grand Premier Invitational is a Dance Arts Collaborative with Ballet and Industry Dance Professionals focused on providing top notch training in Ballet/Dance Technique through experienced Grand Premier Master teaching in Classical Ballet Technique and varied Dance Genre skills and development training.

The GPI’s Programs are designed and offered to provide:

  • Dancers with the expert guidance of an internationally renowned faculty
  • Stretch, Strength, Condition and Technique Training in a positive environment that supports the growth and development for each dancer
  • Guidance and support for beginner to advanced dancers who have ambition(s) to pursue personal dreams for careers in performing arts and entertainment
  • Expanded experience and opportunities to dancers for recorded, stage, theater, and performances


The Grand Premier Invitational programs are perfect for all interested beginner to advanced ballet and dance students ages 9 and up with 2+ years of ballet training.

Sharpen your skills and technique by choosing any of our Premier Professional Quality programs designed to drive YOU toward YOUR goals and YOUR dreams.