Grand Premier Ambassador




The GPI Ambassadors receive scholarships, special rates to future events, and retail/vendor discounts by being a social media influencer and marketing our programs.  The ambassador program requires the registered dancer to posting dance or promotional images on Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets, announcing their Ambassador Status and encouraging others to join them in attending the event. 

Registered Ambassadors Receive:

1.       A Scholarship of $50 and greater when using an Ambassador Scholarship Code during registration

*Registered Ambassadors Qualify for Additional Benefits:

1.       Special Retail Vendor Discounts

2.       Photography Discount Packages

3.       Available Sponsor/Vendor Gift Bags or a GPI T-Shirt

4.       Scheduling Priority for Choreography and Private coaching

5.       Priority for the Dance Movie Audition and Casting Call 


*Ambassador qualification for additional benefits is contingent upon completion of the Ambassador Agreement and availability of promotional items, teachers/choreographers/photographer time slots, and or vendor product supplies.


Ambassador Agreement:

By selecting and paying the ambassador rate, parents of minors and or attendees of legal age are agreeing to receive the $50 GPI Ambassador Scholarship in return for becoming a social media influencer for the GPI by:

·       Including "Grand Premier Ambassador 19” Or "GP Ambassador 19" on their Instagram Social media profile

·       Posting positive photos, videos, and comments encouraging friends/other dancers to join you

·       Tagging the “@grandpremierinvitational” on Instagram with each posted photo, video, and comments should tag the “@grandpremierinvitational” on your Instagram posts through until the conclusion of the event

·       Using hashtags: #GrandPremier19  #GrandPremierInivitational #GP19

·       The GPI will share selected posts, reposts, and or images from your submission, repost from your social media, and Post on our Instagram/Social Media Pages

**The Ambassador Scholarship Code is applied to Full Tuition Only